Full-Length Divider 2-Slot for Milwaukee Organizers (4-Pack)

Choose your Organizer: PACKOUT
Material: Black PETG Plastic
Sale price$15.99 USD

Product Info
Neat Tool's dividers are perfect for adding organization to Milwaukee Organizer bins.

"PACKOUT" Option Compatible Only With:
PACKOUT 11-Compartment Organizer Bins - #48-22-8430
PACKOUT 5-Compartment Organizer Bins - #48-22-8435

"Jobsite" Option Compatible Only With:
10-Compartment Organizer - #48-22-8030 (Non-PACKOUT)
This Option is Slightly Taller and will not fit in the PACKOUTS.

Includes: x4 of the 2-Slot Full-Length Dividers.

Red Bins & PACKOUT Unit NOT Included 

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