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It has come to our attention that there are a few companies, including former wholesalers, who are selling knockoffs/fake versions of our kits. Use the link below to view the differences between the fake and real Neat Tools Pin Kit. If you received a fake pin kit, please report the seller if purchased on platforms such as Amazon.

Real VS Fake Pin Kit

On the Packout handle, you will find two designated holes where the original screws were utilized to secure the handle. These two holes now serve as the locations for the pins to lock into place. On the extended portion of the handle, there are two silver rivets that may resemble the intended pin holes. However, these rivet holes are not the correct locations for the pins to lock in. Instead, the appropriate holes can be found above the rivets. To ensure proper placement, we recommend fully extending the handle before securing the pins in their designated positions.

Shipping & Handling

Sometimes tracking information can be incorrect, and packages are marked as delivered before they actually arrive. Your package will most likely be delivered within a few days, but it’s great to check with your neighbors and/or shipping carrier for more information in the meantime! If you do not receive your order in a couple of days, please contact us within 14 days of the last tracking update, with your order number and tracking information.

Our current lead times for orders is between 2-5 business days from when you place your order, plus shipping time.

We currently offer shipping to the USA, Canada, Mexico, Australia, United Kingdom, & New Zealand.

The fastest way to get our PACKOUT Handle Release Pin Kit in Canada and Mexico is to order it directly on Amazon. We have a stock of inventory at Amazon throughout the USA, and international orders will be shipped from the closest US Amazon Fulfillment center.

We do offer shipping of the Pin Kits to Canada & Mexico directly on our website, but shipping times tend to take upwards of 1 month.

USA Pin Kit orders are shipped and delivered quickly, usually within 2-7 business days.

Pin Kit Orders
We ship our Pin Kits within 1-2 business days. Inside the USA, shipping times usually take between 2-7 business days. For the fastest shipping to Canada and Mexico, please order on Amazon.

Plastic Product Orders
Orders processed in the USA usually take anywhere from 2-7 business days to arrive. Depending on the shipping option you choose during checkout, international orders can take anywhere from 5-10 days to 15-30 days.

Once your order is shipped out, an email will be automatically sent that includes the tracking information for your order as well as an expected delivery date. Tracking emails will ONLY be sent once the order has shipped. If you do not receive an email with your orders tracking info, please check your Spam folder. If you can't find anything in your Spam folder, shoot us an email and we can send you over the tracking info email.

Problems with an Order

Order confirmation emails are automatically sent out once you have placed your order. It can take between 10-15 minutes to receive the email. If you do not receive a confirmation email, please check your Spam folder. If you can't find anything in your Spam folder, shoot us an email and we can send you over the email confirmation.

- Pin Broken on Arrival
If your pin arrives broken/damaged, please email us photos of the item, along with your order # and we will ship out a replacement for you.

- Pin Broken During Install
If a pin's head or ears break off during installation, it may or may not be covered for a replacement. For example, if the break is due to applying excessive force during install, either by using your hand or pliers, then it is not covered for a replacement.

Feel free to email us with any questions or specific situations to see if you order is covered for a replacement. Please also include photos.

Please be sure to review the products you are ordering before purchasing. Every product is made to order, and because of this we do not accept returns for any products. Depending on the situation, we may be able to swap out the items you incorrectly ordered with a different product, so feel free to email us with your situation.

You may request to cancel your order within 48 hours of placing the order. Cancelation requests placed after 48 hours are subject to a 25% fee. Email us if you would like to cancel your order using the contact information below.

It may be possible to make adjustments or changes to your order depending on the situation. Please contact us using the contact information below with your request.

We do not accept returns on any products as everything we sell is made to order. If a product is defective or was damaged during shipping, please contact us using the contact information below.

Our Products

Updated June 1, 2022

Our 3D Printed product are made from a high-quality PETG plastic.

* Plastic Product Warning
The clear lids on the PACKOUT units are known to act as a magnifying glass. Due to this, if our plastic products are left in direct sunlight or extreme heat, they could warp. This is commonly found across all plastic PACKOUT accessory products, ranging from 3D Printed parts, to even foam inserts.

At Neat Tools, we design all of our own products and 3D Models. Since this is our way of making a living, we do not resell or distribute any of our 3D Models.

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