2-Drawer 3-Slot Long Divider Bins for Milwaukee PACKOUT (3-Pack)

Material: Black PETG Plastic
Sale price$39.99 USD

Product Info
Neat Tool's divider bins are perfect for adding extra storage space and organization to your Milwaukee PACKOUT Drawer Organizer Toolbox. 

Compatible With:
PACKOUT 2-Drawer Tool Box - #48-22-8442

x3 Divider Bins

PACKOUT Drawer Unit and Black OEM Dividers NOT Included 

Drawer Spaces & Bin Fit
These bins will fit in any of the spaces in the PACKOUT Drawer Unit. For the Back Center Bin in the Top Drawer, you will need to remove the OEM divider if you want to remove the bin, due to the red PACKOUT release lever being in the way.

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